Online Customer Journey

Let our expertise in driving business through technology help you in gaining scale.
We build online sales and service journey as per the need using our time-tested framework quickly.

Online Customer Purchase Journey

Online Customer Purchase Journey

We build the customer purchase journey by taking care of all the essentials, be it designing the user experience, integrating with core framework, capturing everything which your Sales Agent need to get the dropped off customer back, providing them personalised experience and closing the sale.

Online Customer Self-service Journey

In todays world every consumer of your services wish to have the transparency in the background process. We can build a service/support journey using self-service core APIs to provide your customer a transparent view to gaze where the application is in the process.They can also raise support tickets & chat with the support team.

Customer Data Platform

Why your customer data is living in silos? Let our Customer Data Platform aggregate your customer data collected across variety of touch points, cleanse & standardize it and provide you 360° customer profile to help your marketing team deliver the right message, on the right platform & at the right time.

Audience monetization

The major failure advertisers are facing is in getting the trustworthy customer data collected from various sources to know the exact behavior. CDP can help in audience monetization by capturing and consolidating clean customer data, segment as per advertisers need and then sell it for effective advertisements.

Personalization and recommendations

What’s the point to show a Political news content to the user on your website who often looks for a Sports news? Can your online platform intelligently advertise to the customers, based on interests, past buying behavior or other customers buying trend. Integrate your CMS or website with CDP to get 360° view of the customer and automate AI driven more personalized and need base recommendations to the customer.

Retaining a new customer is cheaper than acquiring a new one

With CDP marketers know that they are working on the accurate and holistic customer data. You can precisely segment your customers ranging from one time shoppers to frequent purchasers. You can activate the audience by giving them customized offers and services which best resonates their needs and significantly boost CLV.

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  • Ingest, Aggregate and Process all your structured and unstructured data together
  • Add more measures or derived attributes to your data store through building expressions
  • Keep adding customer information on the processed data store, automatically on real-time basis

Communication Analytics

Fuel your business success by deriving best AI driven insights from the customer conversations happening over voice, chat or email.

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Assess your 100% conversations

Store every voice/chat/email interactions with the customer.Transcribe your Voice conversations.

Dashboard to view Agents performance

Get a dashboard to view all the automated assessments of an agent with respect to key parameters. Identify fatal or mis-selling. Use this analysis to identify training requirements .

Entirely automated assessments

Break the conversation in various segments.Automate segment wise assessments with respect to key metrics.

Sell what is needed

Analyze your customers demand by visualizing the keywords in the word cloud.

Deeply integrated with CRM

No need to replace your CRM, the Voice-Chat analytics platform can be easily integrated with your CRM.

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Customer 360°

Customer 360° view can help the organization in understanding each of its customer through a consolidated view of the historical data.
Organization can predict what to sell, when to sell and how to sell.

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Robust User Profiles

It provides the unified view of each customer, for all the touchpoints across multiple channels. Touchpoint includes all customer interactions with an organization, including calls, emails, chats, texts, social media responses and surveys.

Highly configurable Profile View

The tool provides highly configurable way of arranging the complete dashboard according to the logged in user persona. User can show/hide and group attributes as per the personal preference.

Search filters

User can build the search queries as per their need.

Restful APIs

Any application can consume the encrypted customer PIIs through available Restful APIs.